I can not get along with you!

Hello everyone!!

thx see it.

I don't understand why you are here.
This blog is written by japanese crazy man.
So you're fuck'n crazy too. lol

If you want to get 1D's or Taylor Swift's information or photograph ,as soon as you have to access another pages.

Coz I do not be interested in it.

In other words, I do not like

I like your enemy's british awards group "Arctic Monkeys".

Harry styles?
Undoubtedly he is cool.
I like him too.

But the chosen one is Arctic Monkeys.

The chosen one is Arctic Monkeys!!


Alex Turner is the most cool man in the world.
His hair style is so fuck'n hot.

Then you think Why do I wrote words '1D' 'Taylor swift'?

It is because I'm heartbrake now.
So I want to do stupid things.

Therefore I heared Taylor swift's tracks.
I like her face, body and body.
She is so beautiful.

Nevertheless I hate her song 'we are never ever getting better' lyrics.

I don't understand why she said never ever getting better.
Why does she said such a thing?

Don't get the wrong idea.

I don't need serious reply.

I know…

I know it

However this tracks melody is beautiful.

And 1D's songs cheer up me.
Coz it is excessive worthless.
Although melody is pretty good!

In contrast, AM's songs lyrics"snap out of it" "mardy bum" "no buses" convince me of heartbrake.
It needn't be said these melody are wonderful.

Summarizing the above, I like Chloë Grace Moretz.
She is beautiful.
So beautiful.

Her thigh is amazing!

Her hips are excellent!

If you'd indulge me, I'd like to caress her wide hips neverending.

If I had her face, I keep on see myself in a mirror all the day.

I'm so nuts. lol

thx read it
never return
Don't look back!!

see ya!!